The Bolivarian Revolution has faced immense challenges, from the collapse of oil prices to the tight grip of US sanctions, attempted coups and invasions, and the US-drive hybrid war. Despite this, Chavismo remains the name of revolutionary energy, of the radical mutation of the personality of the Venezuelan who is no longer willing to bend before the oligarchy or of Washington. Read more about the US-driven attack against Venezuela, and the resistance against it, in this week’s newsletter.

Working Documents

In the Ruins of the Present

In the Ruins of the Present traces the challenges posed by globalization and what these challenges produce for our society. The first attempt to address the problems of globalization was neo-liberalism.

Ten Canadian Mining Companies: Financial Details and Violations

Raw minerals are needed for everyday life, but when that life is also the cost of our infrastructural needs it is time to start asking questions.


China and CoronaShock

This is the first in a multiple part series of studies on CoronaShock.

The Rate of Exploitation: The Case of the iPhone

Our second Notebook analyses the contemporary production process that results in Apple’s iPhone. We move from a look at the iPhone’s production to the inner workings of profit and exploitation.

This Red Alert is a primer to explain essential facts about the virus and antidotes, produced in consultation with a range of scientists and engineers.
We sat down with Li Zhong (李钟) at a small open-air tea house run by a friend of a friend; Zhong is a painter of the Shanghai Academy of Painting and Calligraphy and president of the Fengxian District Artist Association.
For CoronaShock: The Virus and the World, we invited artists and militants from around the world to contribute visual reflections made in quarantine to the CoronaShock Sketchbook.
We are launching the first Anti-Imperialist Poster Exhibition. This series of four online exhibitions over the next months will serve as cultural instruments to enliven and deepen the political process of the International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, a political platform that has emerged from people’s movements, political organizations, and networks from across the globe.
This dossier on the global pandemic focuses on three main elements: the structural features that resulted in our present crisis (from policies of austerity to the increasing wave of financialization), the most dire and immediate needs for the global working class, and a brief introduction to the idea of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) – including some critiques of the concept and some ways to sharpen the way we think about it.
LeftWord Books and our partner publishing houses in India gave the call for Red Books Day to be held on 21 February 2020 as a way to fight back against the unreason of the far right. We asked people around the world to go into public places and hold readings of The Communist Manifesto in their own languages. The effort was immediately supported by the International Assembly of the Peoples and by several political parties, publishing houses, bookstores, writers, and artists. The Indian designer Orijit Sen created the logo; Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research developed a range of posters.