This week, we mourn the assassination of journalists who are targeted precisely because they get beneath the stories that surrounds us, who seek answers to difficult questions, who won’t leave a story because to do so would be to betray both the people who tell us these stories and those who need to hear them. Shujaat Bukhari, who reported on the occupation in Kashmir – where there are 700,000 Indian soldiers compared to 150 identified militants-, was shot dead on Thursday. Meanwhile, international voices speak out against the occupation in Palestine, from All-India Kisan Sabha and Students Federation of India to the famous Argentina soccer player Messi, who is said to have insisted that his team not play Israel as long as the Palestinians are occupied. In Korea, Donald Trump of the United States met with Kim Jong-un of North Korea, which has opened a new historical dynamic. For more, read our newsletter here.


A ‘soft coup’ is underway in Brazil. The United States has become increasingly emboldened in tightening their grip on protecting their interests in the region at the expense of democracy and the people’s sovereignty to choose their own governments. Accusations of corruption with no evidence and the imprisonment of the leading candidate, Lula of the Workers’ Party, have cast a somber cloud over the upcoming October elections. Through a variety of tactics, Brazil’s democracy is under siege.

The Venezuelan people will go to the polling stations across the country on Sunday, May 20th. This dossier looks at what is at stake in these elections. We provide an overview of the regional and national context in which the elections will take place and explore the forms and consequences that the U.S. intervention has had in Venezuela. Lastly, this dossier looks at the experiences, tensions, and alternatives that have developed in the past and that characterize today’s Bolivarian revolution and perspectives towards the future. 

In the Ruins of the Present traces the challenges posed by globalization and what these challenges produce for our society. The first attempt to address the problems of globalization was neo-liberalism. It failed. Next came cruel populism, which expresses itself in narrow, hateful terms. It will also fail. The Left is weak – decomposed by globalization. The need of the hour is for the Left to recompose itself, to become a vital force for a fragile humanity.