Last week, Nicolas Maduro won the Presidential elections in Venezuela, despite attempts to undermine the electoral process and protect US and corporate business interests in the country. The Venezuelan people are now faced with an US-backed attempt to strip Venezuela’s democracy of any legitimacy, seeing it as a long-term threat to their interests in the region. In South Africa, a leader of the Abahlali baseMjondolo shack dwellers’ movements was assassinated. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists releases a full-scale investigation of offshore tax havens, and how sections of the West African elite have hidden billions through these mechanisms. To read the newsletter, click here.


The Venezuelan people will go to the polling stations across the country on Sunday, May 20th. This dossier looks at what is at stake in these elections. We provide an overview of the regional and national context in which the elections will take place and explore the forms and consequences that the U.S. intervention has had in Venezuela. Lastly, this dossier looks at the experiences, tensions, and alternatives that have developed in the past and that characterize today’s Bolivarian revolution and perspectives towards the future. 

What to make of the war in Syria? It is a bewilderingly terrible war – so many killed, so much destruction, so many thrown out of their homes and into a hostile world. An end seems unlikely. Peace negotiations open and then close. Our latest Tricontinental dossier provides some context for this war. It offers a window into how toxic the debate has been about this conflict, how difficult it has been to agree even on the basic facts. To enrich our discussion, we present an interview with Syrian economist Omar Dahi.

In the Ruins of the Present traces the challenges posed by globalization and what these challenges produce for our society. The first attempt to address the problems of globalization was neo-liberalism. It failed. Next came cruel populism, which expresses itself in narrow, hateful terms. It will also fail. The Left is weak – decomposed by globalization. The need of the hour is for the Left to recompose itself, to become a vital force for a fragile humanity.