General Overview

Our Buenos Aires research page lists materials produced or selected by the Buenos Aires Office of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. We aim to contribute to research, reflection and debate on the main issues facing today´s contemporary critical thought and the realities of the world that we live in. Below you will find the most recent and significant materials that we have collated. These are organized by theme. These texts have been produced by seven research collectives, social movements and individual researchers throughout Latin America.

If you have suggestions for texts to include on our page, please send them to [email protected].

All the materials produced are in spanish.

Media and ICT

Comunication, Media and ICT

Working Papers

June 5,2019

Working document #2 prepared by the Collective of Media, Communication and ICTs deals with the official media discourse from an analysis of the discursive formations and strategies that emerge from the editorials and opinion columns of the main journalistic media of national scope. Which from the beginning were positioned as a voice of support for […]


Feminism, Politics, and Neoliberalism

Working Papers

June 4,2019

Recordings of the debate film activity organised by the Open Cathedra of Popular Feminisms “Martina Chapanay” and the collective of Feminism, politics and neoliberalism. Documentary “Chávez Infinito” encouraged debate and reflection on the imperialist offensive in Venezuela and several axes that we set out to observe from a feminist perspective: Communal organization; the participation of […]

Recommended Reading


Book Chapters

June 5,2019

Social Movements and Internationalism in Our America. The cycle of conflict and socio-political changes to the current neoliberal offensive The reflections that compose the present book begin precisely by examining that moment of Our America and those experiences forged by subaltern subjects in our region; particularly, by the most dispossessed and punished; where this precarization […]