Each year, Tricontinental – in association with LeftWord Books (New Delhi, India) – will publish an annual volume of essays and interviews. This volume – Declarations – will consider the state of Marxist thought in different parts of the world and on different areas of intellectual inquiry. For instance, we would like to carry summary essays on the state of Marxist thought in Japan or in Greece, as well as the state of Marxist thought in the disciplines of history or economics. We would like to carry long interviews with left-wing politicians and movement leaders who struggle with either building state policy – if they are in government – or in building political movements of the left. We would like to have these leaders tell us about the challenges they face and the opportunities that their movements have been able to create. These interviews will be at the heart of Declarations.

Declarations will appear on-line through the year, as freely downloadable essays and interviews. But first, the entire volume will appear as a softcover print volume. The print volume will come – each year – with a new limited edition poster designed for that issue, with special reference to its theme or to an event of the year. These posters – printed in colour – will be only available along with the print edition of Declarations, which will be sold from the leftword.com website.

For more information on Declarations or to offer suggestions for the volume, please write to [email protected].

SARS-CoV-2 or COVID19, now declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, has begun to wreak havoc in large parts of the world, with other parts waiting in anticipation. We are in a real struggle, which needs total mobilisation; a struggle that needs to put life before profit. We will only win this struggle – as China has already done – if are people are united and disciplined, if governments earn our respect by their actions, and if we act in solidarity across the globe.