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Recordings of the debate film activity organised by the Open Cathedra of Popular Feminisms « Martina Chapanay » and the collective of Feminism, politics and neoliberalism.

Documentary « Chávez Infinito » encouraged debate and reflection on the imperialist offensive in Venezuela and several axes that we set out to observe from a feminist perspective: Communal organization; the participation of women and dissidents within the communal state: resistance in everyday life and
the defense of territory; tensions and contradictions in the revolutionary process; the feminist movement in Venezuela; the debate on abortion; the contributions of Bolivarianism to Latin American feminism: anti-imperialism, the Afro, migration, plurinationality.
María Laura Vasquez, director of the documentary « Chavez Infinito », Silvia Farelis, of the Collective « Las Farias », Yanina Settembrino, member of the « Bolívar Zamora Revolutionary Current » enriched the debate by sharing their experiences.

The document is in spanish.