The radical and massive feminist struggle in Argentina broke into the media and began to define the political agenda of the country. This struggle occurred within a broader ambit of social struggle. This working group aims to produce a space for debate, research and publication on feminism that resists neo-liberalism.

Three main ideological pillars define our work:

a. History. To shed light through a feminist lens on the history and experiences of movements and women in Argentina as well as throughout the continent.
b. Context. In Spanish, this is referred to as análisis conjunctural (an analysis of the conjuncture), an assessment of the various social, political, and economic currents that flow into and define the current context. Our agenda is to discuss the challenges faced by the women’s struggle in Argentina, a country deluged by neoliberal policies.
c. Strategy. To centre a debate on the strategy of an anti-capitalist popular feminism.

Recordings of the debate film activity organised by the Open Cathedra of Popular Feminisms “Martina Chapanay” and the collective of Feminism, politics and neoliberalism.