The socio-economic changes in Latin America that have taken place over the past decades have produced an intense debate along a number of issues, which we will collect under two lines:

I. How to understand the changes in the region – their successes and their limits? How to – in other words – understand development in Latin America. To confront these aspects, several areas need to be researched:

1. The characteristics that define the neoliberal offensive.
2. The impact and consequences of this offensive.
3. The methods and developments of its agenda to privatise public goods.
4. Its placement of finance capital at the heart of its model of development.
5. The transfer of economic production, decision-making and power to transnational corporations.
6. The dependence of Latin American economies.
7. The impact of these trends on the ruling class and the popular classes.

II. How to understand alternative projects that seek a Latin America without exploitation and dependency? How to create a strategy to build a new world out of those projects?

This working group seeks to promote debate and reflection on these issues with the aim of characterizing and understanding this new neoliberal economic offensive and—through dialogue with the popular movements—to contribute to the construction of medium and long-term alternatives.